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2019 Honda CRF450L 1000mi Interval Oil Analysis

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GoPro Helmet Mount for Shoei Hornet X2

Mounts a GoPro to your Shoei Hornet X2. Slips in under the chin bar and aligns with the chin-vent. Incredibly sleek and lightweight. The mount itself provides nearly zero wind resistance. Attaches with the included adhesive.

Includes a stainless steel thumbscrew and nut for attaching your GoPro. Mount is made of durable PETG. Lifetime warranty.

Chin-mounting provides the best angle for capturing good stable riding footage. Check out the test video.



If ordered today, will ship out:

in 1-3 days
Honda CRF450L Stock Exhaust Wash Plug

Completely seals up the exhaust pipe opening on the stock exhaust of the Honda CRF450L for washing. Built in lip extends past the edge of the exhaust when inserted.

Are there cheaper universal wash plugs available elsewhere? Sure. Do they fit as well and protect your investment like this one? Nope. Bring out the pressure washer. Made of flexible and durable TPU. Lifetime warranty.



If ordered today, will ship out:

in 1-3 days
Garmin Montana GPS Mount for Honda CRF450L

Provides a sturdy 12 degree angled base as low to the bars as possible for the garmin montana rugged mount.

Includes the plastic mid-piece that goes between the garmin universal mount (not included, but available HERE) stainless machine screws and washers to attach the garmin universal mount, the two lower aluminum feet, and the fasteners to attach the feet to the mid-piece (assembled). The stock bar bolts are re-used, as the aluminum feet are thin enough to still get plenty of engagement on the threads.

No-questions-asked 3-yr replacement warranty on the plastic mid-piece.

Requires you run stock CRF450L handlebars with cross-bar for mounting.

Checkout the video HERE.



If ordered today, will ship out:

in 3-5 days

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