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Q: Is the adhesive for the GoPro helmet mount removable?
A: Yes, the mount can be pulled off (requires strong constant pressure, it's not coming off if struck or snagged) and the adhesive will rub off with your thumb or a cotton towel. Enough adhesive is provided for remounting several times if desired.
Q: Can I really use a pressure washer with your CRF450L wash plug?
A: Yes, there's a lip on the plug that extends past the end of the exhaust. I use a 4200 PSI pressure washer on my CRF450L with a 15 degree tip after all my muddy rides. The mud melts right off, and my exhaust has always been bone dry when the plug is removed.
Q: Do other GPS's work with the GPS mount?
A: The mount was designed for a Garmin Montana, but any Garmin GPS with the same screw pattern as the Garmin Montana Universal Mount will work.

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